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        中文  |  ENGLISH
          Guangzhou Westpoint Pharmatech. Co., Ltd.
          Tel:0769-2223 5501
          Address: 4th Floor, 8th Building, Industrial Center, No. 19 Alishan Road, Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

          Dongguan Westpoint Pharmatech. Co., Ltd.
          Tel:0769-2223 5501
          Address: 4th Floor, 8th Building, Industrial Center, No. 19 Alishan Road, Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

          Jiangsu Westpoint Pharmaceutical Excipients Co., Ltd.
          Address: West side of 1st to 4th floor of G56 Standard Factory Building of China Pharmaceutical City Phase IV, Hailing District, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province

        Your location:Home > Job Applications

        Job applications

        Resume submission for job application:

        E-mail: juansu@ttgwp.com   

        Project Manager (Location: Songshan Lake, Dongguan)


        1. Responsible for audit of GMP Workshop Design and Drawing;

        2. Provide guidance, follow-up and supervise equipment selection, equipment installation, electromechanical installation and facility cleaning during the construction period to ensure that all operations meet the requirements of process and GMP standard;

        3. Assist in the preparation of GMP documents which include chemical synthesis and API manufacture.  Supervise GMP implementation;

        4. Assist to complete all kinds of validation tasks (process validation, cleaning validation, equipment validation, etc.) in this facility.  


        Job requirements:

        1. Experience in chemical synthesis or API production (including final drying and API packaging), familiar with API manufacture process and production equipment. Experience in manufacture process control and technology improvement.

        2. Familiar with the critical points of drug quality control in the production position;

        3. Working experience of workshop director or quality supervisor;

        4. Familiar with API certification in FDA, EU and PICS. That experience is preferred.

        5. Be able to establish GMP filing system and familiar with various validation, and experience in organizing the validation of GMO implementation;

        6. Skillful in use of daily office software, CAD drawing software. 

        Foreign Trade Manager (Location: Songshan Lake, Dongguan, Taizhou, Jiangsu)


        1. In charge of import and export of pharmaceutical excipients, mostly is importation. Responsible for contacting foreign manufacturers or suppliers and set up import channels.

        2. Also involve in domestic sales.

        3. Those with strong business capability can become business/company partners.  

        Job requirements:

        1. Fluent English in listening, speaking, reading and writing;

        2. Experience in foreign trade business of pharmaceutical and excipient products

        Quality Researcher (Location: Songshan Lake, Dongguan)


        1. Strictly comply with the operating rules and good laboratory practice codes of operation to avoid the occurrence of EHS accidents.  

        2. Responsible to keep working area organized, clean all kinds of apparatus, equipment and instruments. Clean laboratory countertops in time and ensure that the windows are clean, and the ground is free of dust and water.  

        3. Be responsible for drafting or auditing, analyzing and completing the summary report for analytical methods transfer or validation scheme of laboratory analytical methods, and assist in developing and auditing the inspection procedure.  

        4. Complete the analytical experiment following the workload assignment, fill in the experiment record timely and accurately to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test data.  

        5. Assist in purchasing and collecting reference materials, internal control reference materials, chemical reagents, spare parts and experimental consumables, and keep them as required.  

        6. Be responsible for drafting or auditing the equipment validation plan according to the schedule and rules, and complete the confirmation, operation, validation and maintenance of laboratory shared space and equipment.  

        7. Be responsible for the daily maintenance of the instrument, chemicals and deal with the error of the instrument, and record it in detail.  

        8. Follow the policies, regulations and guidelines, establish or update internal regulations in time to ensure continuous compliance with GMP requirements and company’s quality system requirements within the scope of responsibility.  

        9. Be responsible for reviewing the original records to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the operation records.  

        Job requirements:

        1. Bachelor's degree or above in chemistry, pharmacy or other related areas.  

        2. At least 2 years working experience in analytical laboratory. Experience in project development abroad is preferred.  

        3. Professional knowledge of drug analysis and test operation. Familiar with validation of analytical equipment and test methods.  

        4. Be proficient in computer operation.   

        Technological Researcher (Location: Songshan Lake, Dongguan)


        1. Be responsible for drafting product project plan and monitor project progress.  

        2. Be responsible for drafting the product development and test plan for product technology transfer project and monitor the product test and prepare the test report.  

        3. Be responsible for drafting plan for related project process research or process optimization and solving the related process problems.  

        4. Be responsible for drafting plan and its record for production scale up, batch registration, process validation, packaging verification, process regulations, commercial batch production and stability test protocol.  

        5. Be responsible for following up and dealing with problems arising in the process technology transfer of new products.  

        6. Be responsible for the collection of testing data and original records of product technology transfer projects and ensure that technical data are filed in accordance with GMP regulations.  

        7. Be responsible for preparing the filing document for product registration and approval.  

        Job requirements:

        1. Bachelor’s degree or above, major in pharmaceutics or related.  

        2. Experience in drug formulation or drug product R&D. Familiar with product technology transfer workflow. Experience of working for European and American product and familiar with the development of EU or US product will be preferred.


        3. Familiar with pharmacy or related professional knowledge, cGMP knowledge and preparation technology.  

        4. Skilled in computer operation, able to read and write programs in English, have good operational skills in drug formulation experiments, a good player of team-work and cooperation.

        Microbial Inspector (Working place: Taizhou, Jiangsu)


        1. Be responsible for the daily inspection of products and identify the status of the products after microbial inspection.

        2. Exercise inspection duties and fill in relevant inspection record forms;

        3. Tracking the correction progress for the deficiency found during microbial inspection;

        4. Assist in the routine work of microbiological testing according to the requirements of the department.  

        Job requirements:

        1. College degree or above in biology, pharmacy and microbiology;

        2. Capable to preliminarily figure out the cause of microbial test failure during the final product test. 

        3. More than 2 years of working experience in aseptic testing or microbiological testing

        4. Responsible, with a certain skill in communication, coordination, and problem solving.

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